Monday, October 26, 2015

Annie's Wedding

Last year was the year of weddings for me.  I think I had 7, and was a bridesmaid in several of them.  And during one of those weddings I was in, I happened to meet the most fun group of young women.  My college friend, Angie, has some seriously cool friends that I immediately hit it off with. Annie was one of them.

We actually didn't meet until the day before Angie's wedding last September in Aspen, CO...but quickly discovered she lived not too far from me in Kansas City!  Throughout the past year, we met up several times for lunch or dinner, and have remained good friends [along with Ugne, another one of the bridesmaids in that wedding, that literally lives down the street from me}.

It's funny to think back now about how we watched her relationship throughout the year.   First we learned about Michael and how they met.  The next time we met up we heard about how they were talking about getting married.  Then we met for dinner a few months later and they were engaged.  And finally, the wedding planning and the main event this past Sunday evening!

Ugne and I were both so excited for her and to be included in her special day.  It was held at Pilgrim Chapel in KC, MO, just as the sun was perfectly coming through the chapel doors.  I wonder if she planned that?

It was a small ceremony, and their little son, Sam, stole the show.  He screamed the whole time unless he was in Annie's arms.  Her mom tried a couple of times to take him out, but he wasn't having it, and neither was Annie.  I wish I had better pictures, but I was towards the back of the church and couldn't get a good shot.

They each wrote their own vows, and they both were emotion filled.  You know how sometimes you can just really feel the love at a wedding? I don't think you always can, but you sure could at Annie and Michaels.  

The ceremony was short and sweet, and after a few photos outside, we moved on to the fun stuff:  the reception at Barrel 31 in Martini Corner.

Free food, free alcohol, and a photo booth with some only best friends?  Yes, yes, and yes.  Well, not so much the alchol for me.  I didn't drink.  But the food and photos, that's right up my ally.

It was such a fun evening celebrating Annie, and being able to hang out with Ugne and Angie (who flew in from Boston for it) made it even better.  

A Sunday night wedding -- no better way to end a weekend!

   ^^ Ugne, me, Annie, and Angie

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