Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 2: Cleaning

Day 2 of Unemployment.  

Not that exciting of a day, but a good day in my world. Because I'm weird and like to clean. 

Alarm went off at 6am (which felt like 8am since I'm on the west coast now) and I hit the ground running. Scott is trying to sell his house, so there is lots of work - and cleaning - to be done. 

I cleaned his toilet. I mean I cleaned other things, too. But I don't even clean my own toilet. If that isn't true love, in don't know what is. ;) Also, I broke the toilet bowl brush in the process. No big deal.

Okay, aside from that major life accomplishment, I made three trips to the store for various cleaning related items.  And groceries. So I could make us cute matching smoothies. 

Side note: I could get used to this view walking out of Wal-Mart:

Anyways, back to the cleaning. So here's a guy who has owned his own place for 8 years, and never cleaned the grout during that time.  Pretty standard.  It took some serious elbow grease - I think I'm going to be sore from that - but look how good it looks now!

(Trip number three to the store was for that green scrubbing brush.)

I was pretty happy with how it turned out, but that is just one of the three kitchen countertops. Plus there are bathrooms to do, too. So, yeah, I've got my work cut out for me.  

And while I was doing that, Scott was doing this:

Re-tiling the kitchen. (And just finished re-painting the pantry.) Crazy Friday night for us! ;)

I did manage to sneak a break in from cleaning to make us dinner. Also a major life accomplishment for me. ;) I usually steer clear of the kitchen, but I whipped up my Mexican lasagna AND some fresh guacamole tonight - both of which were pretty delicious, if I say so myself. And to top it off, we ate it outside with perfect temperatures and a gorgeous view. 

Oh that van. Getting excited to spend some quality time in that thing! #vanlife #roadtrip 

While I really wanted to get a workout in today, it just didn't happen.  But that's okay. I'll count today as an arm day - I scrubbed tiles for a loooong time. And tomorrow will be a leg day. We're biking the Flume Trail starting at 7am! 

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