Monday, October 12, 2015

Party Weekend {Family Style}

It was a family filled party weekend, with a little bit of puking involved.  (Not from what you would expect!)

Saturday morning, Scott and I decided to head to the local Farmer's Market in Davenport to find some fresh fruits and veggies.  This time of year in the Midwest, we had plenty of options to choose from in that department.  (For the record, I've still never been to a Farmer's Market better than Madison, Wisconsin's, but this one had potential.)

Peppers and kale and spinach and flavorted lettuce, beans and beets and carrots.  We got about as much as we could carry before callig it a day.

The plan was to do a workout along the Mississippi River while we were down there. The weather was perfect, but I hadn't had breakfast yet.  So that wasn't happening.

I'll just take a picture of where we were supposed to work out. (Oh and don't mind that van. It was just in the way when we were backing up.)

Instead, I got a driving tour of Davenport and all the small towns along the way back to Colona.

We made a salad for lunch, and snuck in a quick jog and weight workout in the front yard (with bowling balls!) before we cleaned up to got down to the barn for the wedding reception.  (The actual wedding was in Kirkwood, CA, in July.)  

I guess I didn't have my phone out while we were there, because I don't have one picture of it.  I spent the evening talking to various family members and convincing them all that we were in fact NOT crazy for quitting our jobs to travel the world.  They were a tough crowd...

The only picture I did take was one of the sunset.  Of course. 

Once every one left, we started cleaning up and RE-decorating for the birthday party to be held there the next afternoon.  Now I had done pretty well in the eating department.  I skipped a lot of the un-healthier stuff and dessert...for most of the night.  But as we were cleaning, I somehow got in the habit of picking up a little mini brownie bite every time I walked by.  Which was, like, 10 times.  That might be a slight exaggeration, but let's just say I ate my fair share of desserts as I was cleaning and packing them away.  Fine at the time, but that didn't end well later.

Scott's best friend (since kindergarten!) came by at the end of the night, and then came over to the house for some hot-tub time, followed up with roasting by the outdoor fire time.  

That combination of waaaaay too much sugar - especially for someone who honestly doesn't do much sugar anymore - along with seriously over-heating between the hot tub and the fire, lead to me sleeping on the floor in the hallway right outside the bathroom.

No pics of that. 

I was sick until about 3am, but was too tired at that point to move to the couch.  I woke up to Scott's mom standing over me at 5 asking why I didn't sleep in a bed.  The floor closest to the bathroom really was the best spot for me, unless I wanted to clean up vomit somewhere else. 

Ugh.  It was a rough night.  But the best part was that Scott's family thought I was faking being sick so I didn't have to sleep next to him!  They thought I was upset after the hard time they gave him that night (around the fire) about all of his crazy ex-girlfriends.  They obvioysly don't know me too well, because I actuallty thoroughly enjoyed all of that.  Scott, on the other hand, was the one getting thrown under the bus! 

Needless to say, we were tired the next day and didn't make it to 10:30am Sunday church until 10:38.  Just in time to see Addi sing in the children's choir.  We sat in the cry room in the back, and didn't hear one word of church.  It's the thought that counts?  Maybe?

   The little Methodist church ^^

It was back to the barn for party number 2 after that.  We helped set out the food and do some last minute decorations before people started showing up.  

Scott and I actually came back to the house to make a salad for lunch instead of eating at the party.  My body was not ready for more greasy or fried anything.  Or candy or cake or junk food.  So I filled up on salad before going back.

I spent another afternoon talking to more family members and explaining more about our trip(s), the van, how we will do laundry, where we will park... you know, just answering the million questions a bunch of Midwestern people who haven't traveled much would have. 

The party winded down, we helped clean up some, Scott took more pictures, and I came back to the house to nap.  Except my nap turned in to me doing laundry and cleaning, becuase I just can't rest sometimes when there is so much to do.

We had promised Scott's niece and nephew (5 and 3) a slumber party that night, so we gtabbed what we had at the house (English muffins, pizza sauce, leftover pulled pork, and some veggies) and went over to their house for homemade mini pizzas.  

I think they were a hit!

We played games, read books, listened to music, had dance parties...and painted my toenails.  

Addi is about as good as  my niece, Hadley.  They both need some practice.

Now the plan was to stay the night with them, but they were both so exhausted from two days of parties and no naps that they fell asleep in their beds with no issues.  I left Addi, went out to get the dog, and by the time I came back in to ask if she wanted me to lay with her, she was already snoring.  And Scott had already gotten Z to sleep, too.  So we were off the hook!  We cleaned up around the house and fell asleep on the couch until their parents came home.  Which I guess turned out to be a good thing because the next day, we found out Addi had a night terror and was up a lot of the night.  No, thank you.  I don't think I could have done two nights in a row of no sleep.  

Party weekend, check.  Now for another full week of ... I don't know.  Unemployment, I guess!  We are spending the week here before heading back to KC nexty Saturday.  It's still so weird to not have to go to work!  I'm almost worried about being bored or finding something to do.  I like to be busy, so hopefully I can do that.  Hopefully that staying busy will involve some workouts, too!

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