Saturday, October 24, 2015

The rest of the week...


Started off the day with another early morning work out, but managed to stay awake all day with no nap!  #progress ;)

I spent a good chunk of the day doing more online shopping for a bridesmaid dress.  I finally pulled the trigger and made a couple of purchases after a trip to Nordstroms to try some styles on for size.  Here's hoping one of these works out...

I also got Hadley's birthday present put together this afternoon, which was no easy feat.  DRUMS!  I had to call the only drummer I know, Scott, for some assistance.

Her parents are going to hate me when she gets these! For the record, I asked for their approval before I bought them.  I think music might be Hadley's thing.  She is shockingly good at keeping beats and rhythm, and spends hours "drumming" with two pencils on a pot.  This will sound so much better!

Tony and Hunter came over tonight for dinner (they normally come to my moms on Wednesdays), so they got to try the drums out first.  They are so entertaining!

Here are links to videos of Hunter and Tony drumming.


Early morning workout.  Check.  Two hour nap.  Double check. In my defense, it was SO hot in the house lat night (81 degrees, to be exact) that I couldn't sleep. I don't know what's going on with this late October heat wave, but I won't complain.

That didn't leave me with much time before lunch at Panera with a friend. The rest of the afternoon was more of the same:  working around the house.  Somehow I've been shockingly busy.  Today the big accomplishments were getting my newly replaced workout equipment all set up in the basement and my pull-up bar put together.  I'm in business!

I met Tony and Christa (and Hunter, of course) at So Kar Park in Lenexa for the Enchanted Forest Halloween fest this evening.  It was dark out, there was an absurd amount of people there, lights and loud sounds, fire breathing people and two-person bands.  It was just a lot going on and I think Hunter was a little overwhelmed.  

    ^^ Video of the real deal is on my Instagram ^^

He was pretty shy and stayed close to Tony all night, but he still had fun.  Especially at the fire trucks!

I only had to bribe him with a little candy for one more picture before we left. 

Christa felt bad, thinking the picture (above) didn't turn out.  I think it looks great!  I guess that means I should feel bad, too, that these are the pictures I took of them:



I finally got a day to sleep in.  Well, sleep in until 7:45 anyways.  I went to the 8:15 workout class this morning, and followed that up with the 9:30 Yoga class, too.  I'm generally not a fan of yoga.  It's just too slow and boring for me, but I know it's good for my body.  So every now and then, I suffer through it. 

I mostly worked around the house today: worked on the damaged out contents list, touched up paint, organized rooms, put on a new toilet seat, got a guest room set up downstairs or Angie next week.  Nothing exciting, but the day flew by.  I guess that is too be expected when you don't even get home until 11.

I thought about trying to replace the shattered glass on my iPad, but after watching a couple of videos, decided against it.  I think the $100 to have someone knowledgable do it is better than the $700 it would cost me to get a new one when I ruin it.  

Moving right along with the technology, I definitely nailed it with my first GoPro video.  Hahaha!  I was trying to figure it out, and use the app.  Clearly, I need some more practice with this thing.

   Click HERE to see my first GoPro video.   (#nailedit)

The Royals played at 7 tonight, and I actually watched most of the game.  Probably the most of a game I've watched all season anyways.  I  mean, I still fell asleep during the one hour rain delay and missed the exciting ending.  

I'm obviously not that in to baseball, but I have to be when the Royals are going to the World Series again!

It's such a fun time to be in Kansas City.  It's just electric here. ... And very blue.  #GoRoyals #TakeTheCrown

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